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Cut edge corrosion

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If your property's roof is finished with metal cladding made from corrugated steel your property may be at risk of cut edge corrosion.

Many people have never even heard of this condition, and fewer are aware that their building is suffering from its effects. Many buildings have metal cladding or box gutters with cut edge corrosion which if not treated can become a costly problem.

Premature failure of a metal waterproofing system is commonly caused by the cutting of the cladding during manufacturing and installation, when the rust starts at that point moving back on the sheets, this is the process of Cut Edge Corrosion, leaving the metal edge exposed to the elements for long periods of time, the result is in corrosion/rusting of the metal itself.

These areas can then be treated in eight step process:

Our six step process based on combination of traditional methods and techniques and modern breathable sealers and other chemical solutions, is guaranteed to weatherproof the exterior of steps, eliminate damp problems and restore the granite to its natural beauty.

  • Thoroughly clean off any moss, algae and grime from the surface using high pressure water jet.
  • Mechanically remove flaking paint and rust depending on the severity of the problem.
  • Feather the edges of the peeling coating, so there are no ridges when the new layer is applied.
  • Clean the cladding again using a roof cleaning agent which ensure thorough cleaning and good adhesion of the new coatings to the surface.
  • Apply Owatrol oil over all the rusted areas, this treatment is a high performance rust inhibitor which drives out the air and moisture out of the metal, making the surface ideal for a waterproofing system to be installed.
  • Prime the entire area.
  • Use liquid roof tape and liquid waterproofing and reinforcing tape over all weak areas including fasteners, joints and transistions .
  • Apply coat of the liquid waterproofing system combined with reinforcing mesh tape.
Cut Edge Corrosion Dublin
Cut Edge Corrosion Dublin
Cut Edge Corrosion Dublin
Cut Edge Corrosion Dublin