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Quality Water Proofing Systems-Industrial Flat Roofing ,Fiberglass ,Torch on Felt ,EPDM Roofing ,Polyurethane Roofing ,Balcony Waterproofing in Dublin

Asbestos Encapsulation-Quality Water Proofing Systems

Asbestos encapsulation is the fast and cost-effective alternative to expensive asbestos removal.

Removing asbestos can cause asbestos fibres to be released into the air if not removed with extreme care. The dangers of fibre release from asbestos are very well known. There is therefore a clear need to take appropriate steps to prevent that from happening. Asbestos encapsulation is the safest solution.

Most old asbestos roofs are over 30 years old and are known to be unhealthy spcialsist removal crews to take it away before renewing your asbestos roof.

We can fix all asbestos related problems with our advanced liquid waterproofing systems offering up to 25 year waterproofing warranties. 

Need Insulation? Roof upgrades with thermal improvement can easily be done. Not known to many; but we can retrofit insulation on top of or below your roof and waterproof over it. 

We can encapsulate asbestos on the bottom on top or both, with no screws or mechanical fixings meaning the elimination of any dangerous fibres being released into the air and ensuring you have a seamless, flexible waterproof roof. 

We install new flat roofs or restore old flat roofs all over Ireland, all of our work is fully insured and guaranteed. We install new and old flat roofs all over Ireland, all of our work is fully insured and guaranteed. 

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Guaranteed for 20 years With A Life Expectancy Of Over 50 Years

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